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The square face is suitable for short hair or long hair

The square face is suitable for short hair or long hair

Square faces are actually really temperamental and look like the whole person is falling down, so is a square face suitable for short or long hair?
The best way to get the best out of a girl with a square face is to cut less short hair, unless you are really super natural! Because the square face already lacks a sense of softness, if you cut short hair again, not only show a big face also reduces the temperament. Square face girls choose long hair can increase the sense of gentleness, so that you reduce a lot of harshness, the whole person looks more temperament! Square-faced girls can choose hairstyles that are below shoulder length, as long as they are not too short.
Hairstyles to avoid for girls with square faces.
1. bobble head
In previous years is very popular bob head, such a hairstyle at the time is very popular, reduce age and cute. The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person who has a lot of time to get a lot of money. I'm sure many square-faced girls have fallen foul of this taboo, so it's time to correct it!
Keira Knightley has a typical square face, so this hairstyle makes her look older and her face looks bigger, not bringing out her elegant and playful temperament.
2. Super Short Haircut
The square face girl cut super short hair, really is a difficult to say, to be honest very inappropriate. The hair length is not a normal face can manage, this ultra-short hair on the five face shape requirements are relatively high, because the hair is too short, can not be well trimmed cover up. So, if you are not very confident in your facial features you will not dare to wear this hairstyle. Unless you have an impeccably refined face shape, Anne Hathaway is perfect for super short hair!
The best long hair for girls with square faces
1. Medium length perm with fringes
If you have a large square face, the best long hair style for you is the Korean bangs mid-length perm. This kind of haircut is a sweet style, but it can play a very good effect on a square face. Not only is the whole face not so harsh, but it also makes the face look smaller, and more spirited and temperamental!
2. slightly curly medium length hair
The general square face, medium-length hair is also very suitable, too long long long hair is a bit cumbersome, if the hair is more obedient, it is best not to stay too long long hair oh, otherwise it will only be more obedient. The most natural look of the slightly curly medium-length hair, very suitable for square-faced girls, looks simple atmosphere and temperament it!

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the best out of your hair, and it's better to choose long hair if you want to show your feminine side. If you must have short hair, the length should not be next to the jawbone.

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