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How To: The Best Way To Care For Your Clip In Extensions

How To: The Best Way To Care For Your Clip In Extensions

So, what is the best way to care for clip in extensions?

Your question is about to get answered in just a bit but first, what are clip-in extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are easy-to-install extensions that you can install even by yourself at home in order to achieve longer, fuller hair.

They have rapidly become a preferred option for ladies who want to achieve that instant change of look in the simplest steps that in no way involve pain or damage to their natural hair.

Best part is, anyone can wear them.

So now that we have an understanding of what they are, let's go to the actual issue. What really is the best way to care for your clip in hair extensions, because honestly, none of us wants to spend money and feel like it's gone to waste right?

Always comb it properly

When combing through your extensions, always make sure you comb through all the knots. Ignoring the knots will get the strands of hair that are part of the extension to get all tangled up which would subsequently make the extension get damaged faster and will hinder you from achieving the look you were aiming for.

Also, ensure you comb through the strands immediately you take them out so that it's easier to comb through.

Avoid too much washing of the extensions

Just like other types of extensions, clip ins will be prone to damage faster if washed too regularly. It's better to wash your extensions just once a week so that the strands stay intact. You don't want them losing their shine too fast.

Shampoo and condition

Just like your natural hair, clip in hair extensions need some tender love and care. That means just like you use shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair soft and healthy, you would have to use these products on your extensions to ensure they look healthy and last even longer.

You should keep in mind though that some products are harmful to hair and as such, you should not use them on your extensions either.

Opt for straightening and curling irons for styling

Unlike your natural hair, extensions cannot withstand blow drying much as using those to style them just ends up weakening them.

Instead of using those, it's worth investing in a good curling or straightening iron for styling purposes in order to achieve your much desired look and to also keep your hair pieces stronger for longer.

Use heat on completely dry hair pieces

It is advisable to use heat on these kinds of hair pieces only when they have completely dried.

Make sure you air dry your extensions before you use straighteners and curling irons as this helps achieve the best looks.

Store them properly

In order to have healthy looking hair pieces longer, get a container specifically for storing your clip in hair extensions .Lay them out neatly in the container so that they are not exposed to wind and other factors that could be harmful to them such as cold and heat.

With these six easy steps you can definitely have your clip-ins with you longer. This ensures you get a lot of wear out of them which equals to saving more as you will not have to keep buying more of them but in the event you need to purchase any, try US.

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