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The Ultimate Guide To Taking Care Of Human Hair Extensions

The Ultimate Guide To Taking Care Of Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have pretty much become a part of life all around the world and here today, we focus on Hairgets' Human Hair Extensions and how to care for such.

Human hair usually has a natural feelbecause, as the name suggests, it is actually made of real hair.

Understand that in order to have the best looking human hair extensions, it is important to treat them like your own natural hair. While it may require more maintenance, taking care of such hair extensions does not have to be so hard.

So here is the ultimate guide to taking care of human hair extensions. Five simple easy to follow tips.

Wash your extensions

Just like your natural hair, human hair extensions need to be washed to keep them fresh and clean. Whether it's a weave, wig or a clip in, you need to have it looking new and certainly not smelly.

Note, do not wash them too regularly as the lifespan of any of these is significantly reduced the moment you decide to wash them too often.

Also, watch how you handle your human hair when washing it in order to keep the strands intact as this could also have an impact on how long you will be able to have it in good condition.

Use the right products for use on your extensions

Use shampoo to wash hair. However, avoid using sulphates when washing your hair. Sulphates in shampoos make them foam and while this might look like a good thing, it actually leads to drying of the hair pieces that subsequently lead to faster damage. Instead, opt for shampoos without these and other drying substances.

You should condition the hair to make it easier to manage. Conditioning the human hair pieces helps them maintain a nice shine that you definitely want. Condition from the top to the ends for best results.

Moisturize the hair to reduce breakage, tangling and shedding.

Use heat on the hair only when necessary

Using too much heat or generally using heat too often on human hair extensions could lead to shedding. While you may be prompted to use heat for styling, just ensure it's not too often.

When using heat, make sure you do not bring it too close to the base of the hair as it could actually lead to shedding of the strands much faster.

Store your human hair extensions appropriately

It is advisable to store your hair pieces away from excessive heat, sunlight, cold and wind because, none of us wants to walk around with dull looking hair, which could happen if we fail to observe this.

Also different types of human hair extensions have different ways required for their storage. Therefore, find out how yours needs to be stored e.g. a human hair wig needs a wig cap to maintain its shape.

Avoid sleeping with your extensions on unless they have actually been sown in, a case in which extra care is recommended to keep it on longer and in storing it once it has been uninstalled.

Find yourself a great hair stylist

Whenever necessary, take your human hair extension to a hairstylist to make any style changes in the event that you need to modify it.

All extensions are different and sometimes it's better to place them in the hands of a professional to avoid making mistakes that could be irreversible.

So there. Think of human hair extensions as an investment and with investments, we just need to be more careful in order to get the best returns. First, buy yours from a reputable store Click Here, then, with the above guide, you should be able to care for yours better.

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