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How To Care For Your Virgin Hair to Make it Beautiful

On Oct 10,2019

The debate on virgin hair is a frustrating one. It is this way, especially when trying to convince someone with the opinion that “Virgin Hair is hard to maintain”. They see it, they like it, they want it but they just can't make that decision to get one. Some people complain about getting new ones every time because their old ones get worn out or wrinkled. When we hear things like this...

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5 Tips To Giving Life To Dry And Tangled Hair Weave

On Jun 18,2019

We all will agree that tangled, lifeless hair sucks! We spend a lot of money on hair weaves and not being able to reuse them cringe us.  If you have done a weave, by week six you will surely notice that they have started to get matted and tangled. The thing is, whether it’s a Brazilian hair bundles, Peruvian, Malaysian or other well sought-after extensions, matting and dry look alway...

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