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The top 3 ways to identify the quality of human hair wigs! Learn to never be afraid of being fooled again!

The top 3 ways to identify the quality of human hair wigs! Learn to never be afraid of being fooled again!

Nowadays, best quality human hair wigs, hair extensions, hair toupee and hair weaving/hair weft are all made from real human virgin hair, so the following methods are applicable to all real hair products

Identify different hair quality of human hair wigs only need three steps, it is recommended to use the uncut blank hair to see, so as to more clearly see the wig's most original hair tail.

1. Look at the color

Real human virgin hair bundles are collected girls' hair to crochet, so most of the hair colour in natural light slightly yellow, if the colour of the wig is black, it must be dyed black in advance. In this case, the wig itself may be a very yellow kind of hot chicken hair, and then need to be dyed black to cover the flaws, or it may be dyed black to look good and sell better. So look at the colour does not directly identify the hair, but also need to go further to see the wig's hair ends.

2. Look at the hair follicles at the end

The remy hair is basically a natural loss of nutrients hair, there will be hair follicles at the roots, plus the crochet of the remy hair is not divided into head and tail, with the remy hair crochet wig hair at the end of the hair will be point-like material hair follicles. If it is a trimmed wig, the hair follicles at the end will be cut off, so it is easiest to see when looking at untrimmed blank hair. Only a few hair hair ends have hair follicles, that means it is mixed with part of the remy hair, if it is a large area with hair follicles, it is made of remy hair, it is recommended not to buy and use.

3. Look at the end of the hair thick and thin

Human Virgin Hair is crocheted along the hair scales, crocheted when the head and tail are not upside down, and our natural growth of hair is thick at the root and thin at the end, so the end of the virgin hair is on the thin side, there may be a few split ends or yellowing, and the distribution of thickness is very even.
Cut hair in the crochet as remy hair is not divided into head and tail order, so cut hair hooked out of the wig hair thick and thin uneven, you can obviously see that there are thick and thin hair.

Learn the above three steps can basically determine the quality of the wig hair, men's wig length is relatively short, different hair quality of the wig when you first start using the gap will not be very obvious, but after three or five months of use will have a very large, very obvious gap, so the hair quality also directly determines the life of the wig, as long as you do not buy to the end of the hair with hair follicles and the following hair quality of the wig can be. However, it is still recommended to use wigs that are crocheted with virgin hair bundles, as they will be very smooth to use and last longer.

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Jan 17,2022
From: United States

Your article is very clear, I can tell the quality of wigs by myself now, thank you so much!


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