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Шелковистые прямые девственные бразильские пучки волос натуральный черный 1 шт.


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Все наши девственные человеческие волосы вырезаны из молодых девушек-доноров.

Каковы источники наших девственных волос?

Все наши девственные человеческие волосы вырезаны из донора молодой девушки, живут только с однонаправленной кутикулой, избегают запутанных, мягких и удобных проблем.
Двойные машинные утки

Двойные машинные утки

Усиленный уток, чтобы избежать проблемы линьки. Аккуратный и плотный уток позволяет носить его раньше и незаметнее. Натуральный и удобный.
Текстура хорошо держится

Текстура хорошо держится

Пройдите специальную обработку паром, чтобы получить прекрасные волны и фигурные текстуры. Текстура хорошо держится после стирки.

Шелковистые прямые девственные бразильские пучки волос натуральный черный 1 шт. 0

Шелковистые прямые девственные бразильские пучки волос натуральный черный 1 шт. 1

Шелковистые прямые девственные бразильские пучки волос натуральный черный 1 шт. 2

11 Отзывы

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Julia ...
Apr 17,2020
Из: Canada

This is one of the best hair I had ever purchased. I can't even Express how happy I am for this wonderful and beautiful hair. No shredding at all. Every bundle looks great and they are all up to length as ordered. One of the most professional seller is this one. Communication was perfect since ordered until delivery. I give a 1000% guarantee to this product. No one will regret buying this beautiful hair. I absolutely recommend this seller. The seller knew and try to satisfies customers' wants and needs. Thank you so much and am ready to order more and will encourage my colleagues to order from this seller.

Tayssa ...
Mar 31,2020
Из: United States

this is the second time i order the hair i so much in love with it im very satisfy

rima ...
Mar 29,2020
Из: Canada

Communications was excellent and came super super fast despite the fact that I live in Italy this hair is so lovely and good price I live it , it blends very well with my hair, it was shipped very quickly the hair pattern in beautiful and the hair feels very good and soft... the hair is easy to manage and it can be maintained very well...Ive recommend this hair to 6 clients, I knw this hair is bomb I made a good choice

fatinah ...
Mar 06,2020
Из: Canada

Okay to start off i just wanna say how fast I received my hair on holidays, i ordered my hair on a friday and it came on monday. once i received it the hair was true to it’s length and had no smell also it was very very soft with zero shedding. I will absolutely be coming back to buy more hair because i’m a big fan of buying hair and this one is definitely good hair! Not to mention the communication with the with the company is 100% great i really love it! overall i definitely recommend this hair to any and everyone. (lengths of hair 26,26,28,28 GREAT PRICE)

last ...
Feb 27,2020
Из: United Kingdom

this is the best hair online time ordering this hair ,it's always amazing ,this hair is full, soft and silky true to length, so beautiful no smell the bundles do not get thin at the bottom I love it , It looks very natural and beautiful. I cowashed the hair and I made it into a wig. I’m so please with the results.Came with nice lashes! so nice,the shipping was so fast .Only get the hair in 3days,The customer service was great and very professional, they communicated constantly and keep update for me until i get the hair,so nice.I love this hair, it's a great buy. I would strongly recommend,This hair is EVERYTHING!!!! Lemme tell you that it exceeded my expectations!!! so glad they have the activity win free hair ,lol ,i hope i can win the free hair,thanks so much Hairgets,best quality hair. I will be ordering more from Allove Hair again.i aslo will upload my picture after i install the hair.lol .so excited!!!! just buy this hair then you can get you what you want

DazzleBird ...
Feb 09,2020
Из: United States

The vendor is so nice and tries her absolute best to get the hair shipped as early as I needed. And not to mention the lashes sent with the hair, I love them! I’ve been looking around in stores for these lashes and never could find them the lashes that she sent me is exactly what I needed. She does an excellent job with her service I will def keep her around and continue to purchase items from her. GREAT SERVICE! And I’m loving my hair as well I get more comlipants on how soft the hair is and the hair is also true to its length this 24inch hair is everything I got 3 bundles of it and it’s full and long just how I like it lol.recommend hairgets!!!!will back again

prerna ...
Jan 15,2020
Из: United Kingdom

Fabulous , I actually love this hair I wasn’t expecting this kind of hair because of the picture I saw early but when I received the hair it was beyond happiness . I will buy again . The communication was perfect and great . They always keeping up checking since the first day they ship the hair . This is the best seller so far. Honestly i can’t tell how happy I’m right now . They also gave me a gift which is eyelashes I love that too.

niez_iema M...
Jan 13,2020
Из: Australia

Really good for the price. Super silky for the first few days, not as silky after a while but still decent. true to length. shedding/tangling nothing out of the ordinary just a little bit here and there(to be expected with any hair) Overall good hair for price. Quick shipping, got here in a couple days.


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